The UEFA Group H qualifying round continues in the next round of international break as the race continues. Turkey have been the surprise leader on the table ahead of World Cup winners France.The surprise defeat of France sent shockwaves across the group and made many realize the improvements by the Turkish national team.

The likes of HakanCanhanlogu, CenkTosun and Cengiz Under have been able to thrive in the new system employed by the team. This has given the national team a new-found resilient edge that has led to five victories in six matches. ‘

World Champions France meanwhile have been on second throttle so far which is the norm since Didier Deschamp took over some years back. The constellation of star players means that the French do not have to expend much energy in defeating teams.

With quality players from Raphael Varane in defence, Paul Pgba and Kante in midfield and KylianMbappe and Antoine Griezmann in attack the French team is stacked. Deschamp can also call on a formidable pool of players for potential replacements.

They are still favoured to win the group with four matches remaining but will face huge fight from Turkey.

Iceland are three points behind the front two winning four matches so far. The team led by Everton ace GylfriSigurdson have been on the rise in the past decade.

From qualifying in their first Euros to playing in the World Cup last year. It has been a good era for the Scandinavian country. Albania are fourth in the group and playing catch up to the other three with three victories and have nine points. Moldova meanwhile have gotten a solitary victory and sit fifth on the table. Andorra are the whipping boys of the group and have recorded zero points so far.