Protests Continue In Brazil

With nations and players all around the globe getting ready for the 2014 World Cup, protests continue being made in Brazil with violence escalating as each day passes on.

Thousands of people living in Brazil do not agree with the idea that €11 billion are being spent in order for the worldwide tournament to take place while there still are a number of other things which need to be done in the country such as: education, transportation and even roads.

The cities across Brazil are plagued with protestors and police that witness the violence reaching new levels as the World Cup is getting closer and closer.

It has been a concern for a significant period of time that even the development and construction of stadiums which are expected to be opened in less than 2 weeks should be already completed at this point in time but even that remains to be doubtful.

Some people have already lost their homes as they had to be evacuated from their house in order for parking and stadium specific zones to be developed while others sustained death after a crane collapsed on them in Sao Paulo.

FIFA’s deadlines have not been met but even with all of these recent obstacles, some fans are eager for the event to start while others are concerned if whether or not it will even be a safe place to travel to.

The 2010 World Cup was subject to similar kind of circumstances as there were a number of stadiums which had to be built on a rush and around 70,000 construction workers decided to quit because they were underpaid.

This worldwide event should not have to go through these kinds of circumstances but at this point in time all that is left to do is watch how it all unfolds.