Moldovan coach under fire

Moldovan coach Igor Dobrovolski is currently under pressure following the poor run of results by the national side. Indeed the team has been beaten by Serbia as well as the Republic of Ireland in the latest round of games counting for the World Cup qualifiers.

It is not only the defeat that is posing problems but also the way the players have been performing on the pitch. There is no cohesion in the team as they appear to be just a group of individuals playing together. The performance was so poor that one of their best players Cebotaru has had to apologize to fans for their dismal performance on the pitch.

The coach Igor Dobrovolski said that it is important that the fans remain behind the team if the country is going to progress. He has warned players not to criticize the team and has threatened to exclude them from the team if ever they keep criticizing the team.

He said that it is unacceptable for a player to criticize the team and he will have to face sanctions if ever they talk negatively to the media. The coach said that he would exclude any player irrespective of their status within the team.

He said that fans should remain united behind the team and not criticize the players cheaply. This has an effect on the player's morale and can make it even harder for them to perform. He has asked them to trust him as there will be changes coming up in the team.

He believes that Moldova will improve, but he needs to be given time to bring changes. He said that the players are working hard in training and that soon this will be seen on the pitch. He believes that the team is on the right path and that the results will come sooner rather than later.