Barcelona’s Luis Enrique wants to take a 1 year long break

Luis Enrique has had a spectacular managerial start as the head coach of Barcelona.

The Spanish tactician was able to win the treble during his first year in charge of Barcelona and the team continues to break records as well as win trophies. He has proven to be a true successor to the legacy that was left behind by Pep Guardiola.

Barcelona is aiming to win their 2nd successive Champions League title and are also on the journey of defending their La Liga title, accomplishing all of this will not be an easy task to do but with the attacking trio of: Neymar, Suarez and Messi, it certainly is a realistic objective to reach.

However, Luis Enrique recently took the chance to talk about what are his plans after his managerial contract with Barcelona reaches and the Spanish manager stated that he wants to take a break of at least 1 year but before he steps down and takes his time off, Enrique is planning on smashing more records as the head chief of Barcelona and mark his name in the history books of the sport.

The 45 year old manager of Barcelona said: ‘’When I leave Barca I'm sure I'll take at least a year off. We have to keep improving. This team has what it takes to break records. We've got some really attractive challenges ahead of us. Being praised constantly weakens you. You have to develop every year. The biggest challenge is to keep winning and kicking on in every competition’’
2017 is the year when Luis Enrique’s contract with Barcelona ends and when he is planning to take a break from being in the spotlight of the world of football. After having spent 2 years in charge of Real Madrid, the Italian coach took a break away from managing any clubs and simply took time off for himself.